The 15 Best Tea Brands Around the World

There are few things better than a hot cup of tea.This fragrant drink refreshes you on a languid afternoon.It rejuvenates you and keeps your motor running.

Tea is a choice beverage in many parts of the world.It is an integral part of life in India, China, Russia, Morocco, and Japan. Every country has a unique tea culture, waiting for you to discover.

Why drink tea? Tea's importance to culture

Why is tea the drink of choice in virtually all countries?The answer to this is culture.Tea defines, in part, a civilization and its traditions.Its links with society and convention explain its popularity.If you want to know a country, drink its tea.People worldwide have unique ways of brewing and enjoying it.

In spite of a booming coffee culture, Classic English Tea is the beverage of choice among the British population.When Britain was an empire, British colonial masters brought tea leaves from India back to Britain.Tea became a must-have drink, and remains so today.

This drink is an indispensable part of Japan's food culture.Pots of green tea complement every Japanese meal.The Japanese perform a tea ceremony, Matcha, during which they serve green tea to small groups of guests.

Matcha is reminiscent of "Cha Dao," or "tea pouring", a morning ritual for the Chinese.Tea grows in many parts of China, owing to the country's cold climate.

Tea drinking is a way of life in Morocco.You cannot walk along Moroccan streets without taking in a few cups of it.It indicates how hospitable a person is.A Morrocan serves tea three times to his guests.The servings represent Love, Life and Death.

Russians love their teas.After the Bolshevik revolution, industrial workers began to get free drinks.Up to that time, tea was a product exclusive to the upper class.Russians today drink countless cups of Zavarka, a flavorful tea that they serve to guests over several rounds.

Mate is a way of life in Argentina.This tea is the country's national beverage, which they drink at all times of the day.Made from Yerba Mate leaves and served with a calabash gourd, it is nourishing.

Tea will always be a celebrated beverage.People drink it because it represents them, and their culture.It is part of who they are.

The Best Tea Brands Worldwide

It is no surprise that tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world.You will not be able to finish counting the European and Asian varieties of this universal drink.Here are 15 brands that people enjoy the most.

1. Tetley

Tetley, a British company, is the 2nd largest global tea producer.The company distributes its brews in over 40 countries.It is the subsidiary of Indian tea company Tata Tea, which purchased it in 2000.Known for its variety, Tetley offers tea in over 60 flavors.

2. Dilmah

A Ceylon tea brand, Dilmah is famous in every part of the globe.The company started to create refreshments in 1974.This Ceylon tea is available in 92 different countries.Dilmah teas come in various flavors, including Gentle Minty Green Tea and Italian Almond.

3. Bigelow

Bigelow Tea, an American company, sells different tea varieties.Aside from its black and green beverages, they have herbal concoctions as well.The company is renowned for not using spices.

Bigelow is the brain child of Ruth and David Bigelow.Ruth, inspired by a colonial recipe and tired of bland commodity teas, made it her life's mission to come up with a better brew.Together with David, who oversaw financing, she brought Bigelow teas to the world.Their children, Eunice and David Junior, are responsible for creating numerous tea blends and varieties.

Bigelow, still a family-run organization, is in the hands of CEO Cindi Bigelow.The diligent CEO made sure that she spent time in all areas of the company before she took on the role.She tastes and approves different tea blends.

4. Tata Global Beverages Ltd

Set up in 1962, Tata Tea began as a joint venture between Finlay Company and Tata Sons.It is the best-selling tea in India to date.The brands under its purview include:

a. Tetley
b. Vitax
c. Good Earth
d. Joekels
e. Eight O'Clock Coffee
f. Himalayan Water
g. Grand
h. Tata Coffee
i. and JEMCA, the best-selling tea brand in the Czech Republic.

The company recently formed an alliance with coffee giant Starbucks.Starbucks now sources coffee beans from Tata Coffee.

5. Anxi Tie Guanyin Tea

Tie Guanyin or Iron Buddha tea has a distinct floral flavor.The fruity aroma has made it the most sought after Oolong tea in China.It develops through multiple infusions.Many drinkers laud it for its mild, nutty flavor.

6. Grace Matcha

Although Grace Matcha is relatively new, it is a household favorite in Japan.The company wants to enable people to buy matcha tea directly from the country.

It grows a range of leaves and picks the best ones for a variety of purposes.Its founder, Ritsuo, is open about how he derives his matcha leaves.He continually innovates and introduces new products.

7. Keemun Tea

Keemun is another famous Chinese black tea.Tea growers first cultivated it in 1875, using techniques they adapted from farmers in Fujian province.They use nuanced and oxidized processes, giving the tea its aroma and flavor.

8. Twinings Tea

Twinings Tea, founded by Thomas Twining, was among the first companies to introduce tea drinking to the English.In 2006, it celebrated 300 years of creating the finest teas and bringing them to the world.

The company started in London.Word of its brews spread and the tea became a part of English life.This brand is most famous for its logo, which it has used for many years.It is among the few organizations with a reputation that spans centuries.It carries an array of herbal and fruit tea blends.

9. The Republic of Tea

The Republic of Tea, an American company, creates a variety of organic blends.It has garnered a reputation for its loose teas and tea bags.

Mel and Patricia Ziegler established the company in 1992.They sold the business to Ron Rubin two years later.His experience in the wine and beverage industry has enabled The Republic of Tea to develop into an internationally recognized brand.

10. Lipton

Belonging to Argyll Foods and Unilever, Lipton has been a provider of tea since 1871.Thomas Lipton, the company's founder, opened his first shop that year.It grew into a chain of about 200 stores by the 1880s.

Lipton, while traveling the world for items to stock in his stores, included tea.He bought a tea garden in Ceylon and soon packaged his brand of Lipton Teas, which are top blends today.The company now produces to-die-for soup mixes.

11. Tazo Chai Tea

Founded by Steven Smith, Tazo started operating its Portland Office in 1994.North American Tea and Coffee handled the distribution of its refreshments.

Tazo, in search of new investment partners, approached Starbucks.The coffee giant purchased the company for 8.1 million dollars.It provides a variety of fruit, savory, floral and sweet tea blends.

12. Yorkshire Tea

Yorkshire Tea is a black tea marketed by The Betty and Taylor's group.The company grows tea leaves in Harrogate, Yorkshire.

Charles Edward Taylor and his brother introduced their business, CE Taylor, and Co, in 1883. A competitor, Betty's, took it over and renamed it the Betty and Taylor's group.It has established itself in various industries, including Betty's Cookery School and Betty's Confectionery.

13. Kenya Kericho Gold

Kenya's Riff Valley is home to a variety of Assam plants, the same ones as those grown in India.They produce a red brew.

Kericho Gold, produced by Gold Crown Beverages, uses these leaves.This tea stands out because of its intense red color.It is one of the best brews Kenya has to offer.

14. Midori Matcha

You can tell a Midori Matcha Tea from its bright green hue.Mild and slightly sweet, it is easy on the tongue.

Health enthusiast Jason Dimitry Steinbuchel founded the company after learning about harvesting green tea and ceremonial brewing.He wanted to create a product that changed lives.

He has done just that.Today, Midori manufactures organic, ceremonial grade green teas.It uses Cold Pressure Processing to preserve the flavor of tea leaves.The company imports them from Japan and repackages them for sale in America.

15. Harney and Sons

John Harney founded American Tea Company Harney and Sons in 1983.It offers blends of loose and herbal teas.

The company built its name by producing quality, kosher-certified beverages.You can identify Harney's teas by the tetrahedral tea bags they come in.The company distributes refreshments to leading hotels and restaurants.

Each of these blends makes an intoxicating cup of tea.

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